Demo (2015)

by Khazad Dûm

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hym A primeira demo a gente nunca esquece. Muito bem trabalhada. Favorite track: Dark Skies of Black Times.
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released May 17, 2015

Logo design by Christophe Szpajdel. Painting by John Martin.



all rights reserved


Khazad Dûm Uberlândia, Brazil

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Track Name: Dark Skies of Black Times
We march to the west
We cut the artery of earth
It gushes blood
And fall under our domination
Hate and militancy
Brainwashed pure children
Military machines who once were human
Turn the seas red of blood

No devil in hell
Just our dread lord
Who made our birthright
The whole world

Darkness descends
The light dies in black
As the army of holy wars
March and attack

No negotiation, no reason
Unholy blessings, no treason
When our lord toll the bells
We seek our death by killing
As the sun freezes
And the world fall to its knees
The shout comes proudly
"We control the sun, skies and sea!"

We're the chosen ones
Blessed by that
Who predicted
The downfall of our foes

Darkness descends
The light dies in black
As the army of holy wars
March and attack
Track Name: Unhearthly Trials
I transcended mortality
In an old and dead world
Amidst piles of ruins
I left my substantial body
All thing rotted
All things ended
Except my spirit
Ethereal and shadowy

I accepted the call
Of the knight of pleasure and pain
He took me to the tribunal
Of my worthless soul

Now I see
How greed
Turned life
Into an ancient memory


Infernal storms
Wicked nightmares
Dangers as ancient
As the own existence

Are the trials
Of my journey
My return will be triumphant
Or my fall will be abysmal

Track Name: The Call
Visions corrupt my mind
Visions of a new world
A world of chaos
A world ruled by darkness

So it's true
So it's true
The ancient prophecy is complete
Darkness has taken everything
The sun has stopped
The gods are dead
If they ever existed

We fear
Fear the unknown
We fear
Fear the end

I see a dark horsemen
Riding in the reins of darkness
It calls me
And waits for my soul
I can sense hate in his eyes
I feel pleasure and pain
The restless wait for
A soul without value
The nightmare has no end
The world is fading away
There is no more light
There is no more life
Everything is lost
Hope is long gone
I accept the call
The dark horsemen
Takes me to the endless journey
There is no turning back
My soul is lost